Cocaine is a common and addictive stimulant drug. It is illegal to possess, use, or sell in the United States. It is made from coca plants native to South America. Cocaine is a very addictive and dangerous drug. Street cocaine is very common and comes in forms like white powder and crystal powder.

Common names for cocaine include:

–    Blow

–    Coke

–    Crack

–    Rock

–    Snow

People usually snort cocaine into their nose. They also might rub the powder into their gums. It is possible to smoke cocaine in its crystal rock form, crack. It can even be injected into the veins to achieve a high.

Psychoactive effects of cocaine:

–    Confidence

–    Dilated pupils

–    Exhilarations

–    Hallucinations

–    Increased energy

–    Increased temperature

–    Indifference to pain and fatigue

–    Loss of appetite

–    Mental alertness

–    Paranoia

–    Sexual arousal

Cocaine Abuse And Its Dangers

Cocaine effects brain chemistry and ultimately changes it. It finds its way into the bloodstream and the brain. It causes a release of dopamine which is an extremely pleasant feeling. The brain eventually has trouble creating dopamine on its own which leads to addiction to cocaine to feel any pleasure at all.

Dealers And What They Mix With Cocaine

Cocaine is often cut with other drugs or substances that look like it. This is to help increase a dealers supply so they have more to sell and can make more money. Many substances can mimic the appearance of cocaine, so there are lots of unknowns in cocaine.

People who use cocaine mixed with other things don’t usually know what they are taking. That can be dangerous. The cocaine can actually have been cut with different things many times which can make it even more dangerous.

Here are common things that are mixed into cocaine and what they can do. They are chosen because they look like cocaine.

Baking Soda

Dealers often put baking soda into cocaine to make crack cocaine, the crystal rock type of cocaine. This can cause lung issues when used.

Boric Acid

Boric acid might be mixed with cocaine to help intensify the effects of the drug, but it is poisonous.

Laundry Detergent

This is added just to bulk up the cocaine and makes it more dangerous.

Local Anesthetics

It is similar to cocaine so dealers mix it together because it is cheap and easy.