The dangers of certain drugs are defined by how much it can really hurt the body and mind along with how addictive it can be. The more harmful and the more addictive a drug then, the more dangerous it is.

Short term and long term effects also are weighed in. Short term effects are the immediate response to the use of the drug. These include the high you might get along with nausea or vomiting.

Long term effects are what the drug does to you and your body over time. They can really hurt you if you continue to use drugs. These effects include:

–    Anxiety

–    Depression

–    Hear complications

–    Kidney problems

–    Liver problems

–    Lung complications

–    Paranoia

Health issues include:

–    Cancer

–    Heart or lung disease

–    Mental health conditions

–    Stroke

Here is a list of the most dangerous drugs out there.


Heroin was initially meant to be a painkiller. But the risk for addiction was so high it eventually had to be made illegal. Too many people were finding themselves unwittingly addicted. It can cause a really intense high that people want to chase.

The drug alters the brain and can block pain along with causing a high. It can cause severe withdrawal symptoms that can make it hard to quit.


Crack cocaine is mixed with other substances that can end up making it even more addictive than just plain cocaine. Long-term cocaine use can cause physical and mental problems. It is a stimulant drug that causes a quick high.

Over time it can cause all sorts of organ damage and problems with your body.

Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth can have terrible repercussions to use. It quickly can break down your mind and body. The high starts quick and lasts a very long time which means people really become addicted. It can lead to problems and malnourish those who use it and decay their teeth.


Krokodil is similar to crystal meth only in that is effects the appearance of the user quite drastically. Krokodil is mixed with many things like gasoline, iodine, lighter fluid, and even paint thinner.

This can lead to gangrene and severe tissue damage. It is called krokodil because the users have scaly looking skin as it slowly peels off. People keep using it until their bodies collapse.