Drinking alcohol is known to cause sleep issues no matter how much is consumed. The drinking of alcohol can mess with sleep structure and length of sleep time. It can change how you fall asleep and how well you sleep.

Not getting enough sleep is connected to a lot of problems, even if we can’t explain why very well yet. It can cause an increased risk of being depressed, having heart disease, and other issues.

Being very sleepy during the day because of a lack of sleep at night is definitely linked to impaired social and cognitive function. That means it can mess up how you deal with social situations or how you think. It can also cause memory problems and put you at risk for car accidents.

Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep to function properly. But drinking alcohol can:

–    Disturb your normal patterns of sleep

–    Cause health issues because of lack of sleep

–    Increase your sleepiness during the day

Normal Sleep Patterns Explained

There are two alternating states of sleep when you sleep. They have different types of activity in your brain.

–    Slow wave sleep

–    Rapid eye movement sleep

When you experience slow wave sleep your brain waves move very slowly. It is a strong and deep sleep and should be 75 percent of your sleep at night.

Rapid eye movement happens now and again as you cycle through your sleep. It can happen around every 90 minutes and last from 5 to 30 minutes depending. This type of sleep is observed to be the sleep where most dreaming occurs.

Studies have shown that deprivation of rapid eye movement sleep can lead to death.

Alcohol And Sleep

Many people who have trouble sleeping might take a drink of alcohol before bed. Especially if they have insomnia. Alcohol has a sedating effect that can help relax the body and brain enough for someone to fall asleep.

Even though this seems like a great answer to helping you sleep, it’s just one drink, after all, it really isn’t. This is because alcohol that is taken within an hour before sleep can mean you have disrupted sleep the rest of the night.

They might wake up very quickly and have trouble falling back to sleep because of the alcohol. Of course, over time the alcohol won’t be as effective either and more will be needed to get to sleep. It just doesn’t seem worth it.