Drug-Safety Laboratory

“Inconvenient Questions About Addiction”

We are an informational resource about substance abuse and alcohol use disorders which are running rampant throughout the United States. Everyone knows that drug and alcohol abuse exists, but not enough people ask questions.

Being informed about the problem can actually help stop it from spreading. How? By knowing what to look out for in yourself, your family, and friends. It can be easy to think you want to try a drug just for friends or have fun going out drinking.

But something as seemingly ordinary as a night out with friends can lead to long term consequences for your health.

Drug-Safety Laboratory asks the inconvenient questions and give the answers no one wants to hear. Too many people just skate on by not knowing the truth. So we ask questions in hopes of starting a conversation and informing.

Addiction is a chronic disease that can change or end a life. Knowing how it may start and how it affects people and countries might keep you from falling down the wrong path.

If you think a friend or loved one might be suffering from addiction, send them to our resource. They can read up on why that might not be the greatest idea.